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We will help each customer with integrity, competence, and compassion.

Integrity at Cardinal Home Services means unwavering adherence to our promises, delivering exceptional service with compassion, surpassing code standards, treating your home with the utmost respect, and ensuring accountability and punctuality in every job we undertake.

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We will deliver to our customers all that we promise, even when it is not convenient for us.

Trust is foundational at Cardinal Home Services, where we commit to fulfilling our promises with diligence, ensuring every job is completed with professional excellence, and always rectifying any issues promptly to maintain your peace of mind.


We will complete all work in a professional manner to meet or exceed all code standards.

Our strict compliance with industry standards underscores our professionalism at Cardinal Home Services, our thorough respect for your home, and our steadfast dedication to superior workmanship and service in every project we undertake.


We will respect your home while working in it. This means cleaning up after every job, wearing shoe covers and using drop clothes.

Professionalism at Cardinal Home Services is reflected in our conscientious care for your living spaces, ensuring cleanliness and minimal disruption while upholding an enduring commitment to quality and reliability in our work.

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We will prioritize all recalls caused by our work above all others. Mistakes can happen, but we will always fix ours.

Accountability at Cardinal Home Services signifies our promise to stand behind every job, swiftly addressing and correcting any issues to ensure complete customer satisfaction and uphold the trust you place in our team.


We will respect your time by providing time windows and updates throughout the day so you know exactly when we are coming and do not have to wonder if or when we will show up.

Peterborough, ON, Canada
Lakefield, ON, Canada
Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada
Clarington, ON, Canada


We provide fast and reliable services to residential properties and cottages throughout Peterborough and surrounding areas.



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