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What is a stack in plumbing and draining systems?

Your plumbing system closely resembles a tree. Some plumbing terminology like branch, trunk and even twig show how close they are. You can think of your stack as the main portion of a tree if you removed all the branches and limbs from it. Your stack begins where your home’s horizontal main drain transitions to a vertical pipe. This vertical pipe runs up through your entire home and extends through your roof!


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Signs My Stack Needs Replacement

Proactive inspection by Cardinal Home Services during renovations helps prevent future complications, ensuring the stack’s condition aligns with the requirements of your home improvement projects.

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Detection of leaks in the stack is a clear indicator of potential replacement, especially when repairs are neither feasible nor cost-effective due to age and location.

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Persistent drain problems connected to the stack may necessitate replacement, as repeated snaking can damage aging connections beyond repair.

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If planning renovations that involve sealing off the stack, seek a professional inspection from Cardinal Home Services to assess the need for replacement, avoiding future issues.


Why does my plumbing go through my roof?

If you ever walk down your street, you may see the homes in your neighbourhood all seem to have a pipe sticking through their roofs. The portion sticking through the roof is actually called a terminal and performs a vital function for your home’s drain, especially if you are on a municipal plumbing system. That function allows air into your system and vents sewer gas.
If you’ve ever held your thumb over the top of a straw to keep water inside, you can see how important air flow is to drainage. This is one of the essential roles of a vent.

The other role is to prevent water from siphoning out of your P-traps while another fixture nearby is used. This happens as the moving water tries to pull in air from somewhere. If a vent isn’t installed, it will draw on the water in the nearby traps.

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