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Revitalize Your Space with Exposed Conduit Installation

Upgrade your home’s electrical aesthetics with Cardinal Home Services’ expert exposed conduit installation. Perfect for areas like garages or workshops, our exposed conduit work improves functionality and adds a neat, industrial-chic look to your space. Trust our skilled technicians for seamless installation. We prioritize the integrity of your space, ensuring a high-quality finish that complements your home’s design.

Improve your home’s functionality and style with our exposed conduit services. Contact us today to schedule your installation and bring a modern touch to your space.


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Revamp Your Electrical Setup

Have you ever looked at the spaghetti wiring in your basement or garage and wondered to yourself, “Can that look better”?

Our master electrician has come all the way from the commercial and industrial world to tell you that “Yes, yes it can.” Our technicians are trained in the craft of exposed conduit installation to improve the function and appearance of your electrical system. Conduit is perfect for spaces like your garage or workshop because it can be installed entirely on the surface. High-quality exposed conduit work will give your space a neat industrial-chic appearance, and the shop will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

We can also modify a conduit installation easily to add equipment, plugs or lights without adding more wires criss-crossing the joists in your garage. Conduit provides better protection and safety in areas where you are worried that your wiring might get damaged or chewed. For a unique, high-quality finish, ask our skilled installers about exposed conduit work.

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Customer Service is Our Number One Priority

We are passionate about providing the utmost customer satisfaction in every job. Our staff are not only highly trained and experienced but also respectful of your time and your space. We always show up to appointments when we say we will and ensure the job is done quickly without sacrificing quality or cleanliness.

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