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Reliable Septic Tank Installation Services

A septic tank safely manages home wastewater, requiring professional installation due to potential health risks. Cardinal Home Services in Peterborough, ON, Canada, offers experienced technicians for this task, ensuring adherence to safety and code standards.
We prioritize customer service, clear communication, and respect for your property.

Acknowledging the financial aspect, we provide transparent pricing and financing options, making the installation process seamless and stress-free.


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Choosing A Design For Your Septic System

Choosing a design is one of the first steps to installing a septic tank on your property. Units come in various sizes and are made of:

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You will need to know what type of system is necessary and appropriate for your home’s or cottage’s needs. You will also need to know where you can put the system, as building codes dictate the minimum distances the units can be placed from existing or planned structures.

The soil on your property will also affect the design of your septic system. The area you are planning on putting the tank in must be suitable for the size of and demands on the unit. The soil in the proposed location of the system must be tested before the tank can be installed. Testing requires digging up a part of your yard and identifying the types of soil. The assessment will also determine whether impermeable materials, such as bedrock or dense soil, will prevent your system from being installed in the desired area.


Getting Inspections and Permits

Once you identify a suitable location for your system and know how it is going to be set up, you must ask the local building department of your municipality to examine your plans and issue a permit.

When applying for the permit, you must include:

  • Site evaluation reports,
  • Design layout, and
  • Maps indicating property lines, existing and planned structures, and areas on your property with unsuitable soil.

An official may inspect your property before your septic tank is installed, during the installation, and upon project completion.

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Having a Professional Install Your Septic Tank

After you have gone through the necessary pre-installation steps, a professional can put in your new unit. At Cardinal Home Services, Peterborough’s septic tank installation technicians are ready to help with your project. Our team is equipped with the talents, tools, and equipment to get your septic tank up and running as it should.

We offer reliable services and work quickly without sacrificing quality or safety.


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