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We Can Help With All Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

Are you ready to shine a light on your home? Improved lighting design can help you bring your property to life, increase your curb appeal, and protect your family. If you are looking for easy ways to update the look of your home, then you should consider upgrading your outdoor lighting features—you’d be amazed at what a difference new and improved lighting can make. Our Peterborough lighting electricians are fully trained and licensed and can help you bring your landscape and security lighting design ideas to life.

To discuss your landscape and security lighting needs with a professional electrician, call Cardinal Home Services.


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Boost Home Value

Discover the transformative power landscape and security lighting. Some of the key benefits are:

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Landscape lighting beautifies your home’s exterior and increases property value by highlighting your landscaping efforts.

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Exterior lighting aids in safely navigating outdoor spaces at night, reducing the risk of accidents like falls

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Motion-activated and timed security lighting deters potential burglars, providing peace of mind and adding a layer of security comparable to alarm systems.


Transform Your Home’s Exterior with Functional and Decorative Lighting

Your home is your castle. Feeling safe and pride in your home or cottage are two fundamental parts of enjoying the space you live in. Exterior lighting can provide you with some very important benefits to keep you feeling happy in your space.

Landscape lighting can beautify the exterior appearance of your home and help show off the hard work you’ve put into your front or backyard landscaping. It can also enhance your home’s property value, help you and your family navigate exterior spaces at night, and even keep you safe from accidents like falls and security risks such as burglaries. Security lighting is motion-activated or timed exterior lighting that provides a clear view of what may be going bump in the night. Studies show that lighting outside a home, especially when motion activated, can deter criminal activity almost as much as a home alarm system or dog!

So, call Cardinal Home Services if you want to sleep easier at night knowing that your home is less likely to be broken into. Our expert team can help you choose lighting systems and provide expert installation services.

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Prevent major disasters with regular maintenance.

Your plumbing and electric system are part of the lifeblood that makes your house more than just a shell. Like all of us though, age and use can start to take its toll on the health and function of your piping and wiring. In many cases a small tune-up coupled with an annual checkup can prevent major disasters in the form of flooding or fires. We have seen too many cases where a devastating situation may have been prevented with a properly maintained system in place.

This is why we have created our Cardinal Care Club which provides our clients with a free annual maintenance inspection as well as a discount on services to help keep repairs and maintenance affordable and easy. Let Cardinal Plumbing & Electric maintain your home so you can enjoy your time in it with peace of mind knowing you’re safe.


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