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Quality Generator Services in Peterborough

There is almost nothing worse than having the power go out unexpectedly. Not only does this set a timer on things like the contents of your fridge or freezer, but it can also knock out essential elements of your home like your furnace, sump pump or water heater. Having a generator ready to go and expertly connected can be the difference between throwing out hundreds of dollars of food, a flooded basement or even a warm shower.

Contact Cardinal Home Services for quality generator installations in Peterborough and surrounding areas!


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Why Choose Cardinal Home Services

Our top priority is delivering excellent customer service, so we’ll communicate closely with you throughout every step of the process to ensure our end results meet your needs. Our team stays current on plumbing products, industry standards, and local codes—plus, we can service all brands.


Cardinal Home Services ensures transparency with no hidden fees, providing transparent, competitive pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying for.


We offer flexible financing plans through trusted partners, making our quality home services accessible to suit various budgets and financial situations.


Your safety is important to us; hence, all our technicians undergo background checks, ensuring only the most trustworthy professionals enter your home.


4 Signs It’s Time For A New Generator

Generators have a lifespan just like everything else. There are certain things to look out for when a generator is getting older. Some signs it’s time for a new generator are:

The first and most common sign of a generator’s age is difficulty starting up. Generators are designed to start up automatically when a home loses power. If your generator does not turn on immediately or is slow to the start, your generator may be at the end of the line.

When the generator is running, if you notice the appliances or lights fixed to it aren’t getting a steady flow of electricity, this is another sign of a generator’s age. If you notice your lights flickering or appliances having difficulty staying on, your generator can no longer run at full capacity.

If your generator is burning more fuel than usual to work properly, it is past its prime and time for an upgrade. Like a vehicle, a generator’s efficiency diminishes over time and eats up more fuel to function normally. Continuing to let it run at this point is just costing you more money in fuel in the long run.

If a generator is constantly breaking down and needs regular repairs, it’s time to invest in a brand-new one. In the long run, a new generator installation would be cheaper than keeping an old generator alive with constant repairs.

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Prevent major disasters with regular maintenance

Your plumbing and electric system are part of the lifeblood that makes your house more than just a shell. Like all of us though, age and use can start to take their toll on the health and function of your piping and wiring. In many cases, a minor tuneup coupled with an annual checkup can prevent major disasters in the form of flooding or fires. This may sound like hyperbole, but unfortunately, we have seen too many cases where a devastating situation could have been prevented with a properly maintained system in place.

This is why we have created our Cardinal Care Club, which provides our clients with a free annual maintenance inspection and a discount on services to help keep repairs and maintenance affordable and accessible. Let Cardinal Home Services maintain your home so you can enjoy your time in it with peace of mind, knowing you’re safe.


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