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Dependable Frozen Pipe Repairs & Preventative Maintenance

As winter arrives annually, homeowners nationwide take essential precautions to safeguard their pipes from freezing, preventing the nightmare of bursting pipes in the harsh cold. Fortunately, Cardinal Home Services’s skilled experts in the Peterborough area are trained to deliver top-notch repair services for frozen pipes, ensuring your home stays warm and secure during the winter months.


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Preventing Frozen Pipes

Nothing is worse than a burst pipe in the dead of winter. Here are a few things you need to do to prevent frozen pipes.

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Maintain a small stream of cold water from faucets to prevent pipe freezing by promoting water flow through the plumbing system.

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Open under-sink cabinet doors to facilitate air circulation around pipes, reducing the risk of freezing in enclosed spaces.

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Seal windows, doors, and cracks to prevent cold air infiltration, preserving a warmer environment and protecting pipes from freezing.

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To prevent pipes from freezing, insulate all outdoor and exposed pipes using quality insulation materials, ensuring complete coverage and protection.


How To Thaw Frozen Pipes

If there is no water in your fixtures at all, you most likely have frozen or burst pipes. If you know you have a frozen pipe, try these tricks to help thaw them out.

  • Turn off the main water valve to the house and open a faucet to allow thawed water to flow. Open the lowest hot and cold taps in your home.
  • Wrap towels soaked in warm water around the pipes or purchase electric pipe warmers. You can soak towels with snow collected and heated on the stove or microwave. You can also drain water from your hot water tank. If you do this and your tank is electric, make sure to turn the tank off at the electric panel to prevent the elements from burning out.
  • DO NOT use any open flame or electric heater directly to the piping as this could cause electrocution or present a fire hazard.

Call Cardinal Home Services to find out how you can prevent your pipes from freezing.

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