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Dependable Water Heater Services in Peterborough & the Surrounding Areas

If you’ve ever felt the sting of cold water in the shower when your water heater malfunctions, you know how important it is to have a reliable system. Cardinal Home Services provides expert water heater services in the Peterborough area. Our fully trained and certified team can quickly determine the roof of the problem and provide the necessary water heater repairs or installations.


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When To Replace A Water Heater

If you notice common issues like running toilets, flushing problems, faucet leaks, or shower temperature fluctuations, it’s time for a professional inspection. Our plumbing experts can identify and resolve these concerns, ensuring your fixtures operate smoothly.

Smelly Water


As a water heater ages, the tank begins to deteriorate and rust. This rust can get into your hot water, which causes it to appear reddish brown in colour.

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Noise is always an indicator of any appliance dealing with problems. If your water heater is making loud cracking or popping noises, it may indicate that the heating elements have mineral buildup on them.

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It is common for water heaters to need a repair once in a while. Regular maintenance is required to ensure it lasts a long time. However, replacement is usually the best option if the water heater needs repairs more often.

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The most obvious sign of problems with your water heater is simply the lack of hot water. This is usually caused by one of multiple causes. Either the pilot light is out, or the circuit breaker has tripped. Or your water heater has simply reached the end of its lifetime


Common Water Heater Problems

We rely on our water heaters every day to heat and produce water used for washing, doing dishes, and laundry. Without these systems, we would need to boil our water to get the same results. These units are very efficient and seamlessly integrated into your plumbing. However, several common issues can occur that require a professional repair. These issues include:

  • Corrosion in the unit
  • A leaking or cracked tank
  • Failing valves or incorrectly sized valves
  • Thermostat issues
  • Damaged or malfunctioning pilot light
  • Malfunctioning temperature gauge

The number of problems that can affect these units is limited. We will check several issues to determine the exact area that is causing the problem. When we troubleshoot for your repair, we typically begin by inspecting the entire unit for cracks, leaks or anything else out of place.

Once that is ruled out, we will test the heating components and check the valves and fittings. We also examine the temperature gauge to get the full picture and develop a strong idea of the issue and the best way to repair it.

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Benefits of a Professional Installation

Opting for Cardinal Home Services’ professional water heater installations offers a sound investment for your home’s future. Beyond the immediate benefits of expert installation, such as precise fitting and compliance with safety standards, the long-term advantages include reduced monthly energy bills, minimized repairs, and increased system reliability. A modern water heater enhances efficiency and adds value to your home, contributing to its overall appeal and functionality. Trust in our expert team for a seamless installation that ensures optimal performance, energy savings, and increased home value.