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Sleek Electrical Systems for a Contemporary Feel

We know all too well how the look of your lights and plugs can affect the feel of your home. Outdated fixtures can make your home look dated even after a fresh coat of paint and new flooring goes in. Beyond updating your fixtures, you can even start modernizing your home with automation, electrical carports and sleek, aesthetically pleasing electrical systems. These are amazing for resale value, but more than that, they help you enjoy your home more by providing you with more control. Whether selecting and purchasing designer fixtures yourself or needing more help, Cardinal Home Services is here for you.

We’re just one call away, and our electrical team is always happy to help you get your home’s electrical system working for you, not against you.


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Benefits Of An Electrical Retrofit

Discover the transformative power that electrical retrofit services can bring. Some of the key benefits are:

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Upgrading fixtures and incorporating modern electrical systems will revitalize your home’s appearance, complementing interior décor or renovation efforts.

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Modern electrical upgrades, including automation and stylish fixtures, significantly boost your home’s market appeal and resale value.

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Electrical retrofitting, especially with smart home features, provides enhanced control over your home’s lighting and appliances, offering greater convenience and energy efficiency.


Peterborough Smart Home & Home Automation

Ever wonder about smart switches, hubs, and home automation? The market for smart home technology has been exploding over the past decade. There are off-the-shelf solutions to automate and program your lighting easily. You can set “vacation mode” for your entire house, and the smart technology will turn your lights on and off to make it look like you never left home.

With integration with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, what once seemed like science fiction is rapidly becoming a reality. Talking to your house is not for everyone, but if you are interested, we can help.

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Customer Service is Our Number One Priority

We are passionate about providing the utmost customer satisfaction in every job. Our staff are not only highly trained and experienced but also respectful of your time and your space. We always show up to appointments when we say we will and ensure the job is done quickly without sacrificing quality or cleanliness.

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