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Save Money and Hassle: Address Running Toilets Promptly

Cardinal Home Services offers expert repairs and replacements for toilet, faucet, or fixture issues. Running toilets, flushing problems, faucet leaks, and shower temperature fluctuations indicate potential concerns. The most common cause of a constantly running toilet is a misaligned or worn-out flapper valve, while filling valve issues may also contribute. Trust our expert team for comprehensive fixture solutions.


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Signs You Need To Have Your Fixtures Looked At

If you notice common issues like running toilets, flushing problems, faucet leaks, or shower temperature fluctuations, it’s time for a professional inspection. Our team can identify and resolve these concerns, ensuring your fixtures operate smoothly.

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A running toilet can cost you over $100 monthly if left unchecked! Don’t flush your money down the drain.

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As toilets age, they can develop a scale that prevents them from removing all your solids, leading to a clog and sometimes even a flood if the water level rises too high.

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Over time, the rubber seals in your faucet can deteriorate from the chlorine inside your drinking water or general wear and tear. These leaks might not seem like much, but that small leak may find its way under your cabinets, causing warping and even moulding.

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An older cartridge or shower style can cause fluctuations when other water is used in the home. It can even happen spontaneously as your fixtures start to age.


Why is my toilet constantly running?

The most common cause of a toilet running constantly is that the flapper valve at the bottom of your tank isn’t seated properly. This can happen when the chain connected to the flapper isn’t adjusted correctly, causing it to be too loose or too tight and not making a proper seal with the drain hole in the bottom of your tank.

If the chain is too loose, it can get caught in the flapper and stop it from sitting properly. If the chain is too tight, it won’t allow the flapper to close completely. In either case, water will continue to trickle through the drain hole, and your tank will never fully fill up.

Another potential cause of a constantly running toilet is a worn-out flapper valve. This occurs when the material of your flapper starts to deteriorate over time due to regular use and exposure to water. If your flapper looks old, cracked, or brittle, it may be time to replace it.

If your toilet is running constantly and it’s not one of the issues above, you may have a problem with the fill valve in your tank. The fill valve controls the amount of water that goes into your tank, so if it is faulty or clogged, your tank won’t fill up properly, and your toilet will continue to run. In this case, you may need to hire a plumber to inspect the fill valve and repair or replace it as necessary.

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