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Expert Inspections for Your Home’s Electrical Health

Our trained professionals will comprehensively test your home’s electrical system, checking everything from insulation defects to outlet efficiency and the operation of protective equipment. We’ll determine if your wiring needs replacement or is in good condition, provide a detailed report, and maintain records on your system’s health for future reference.

We’re just one call away, and our electrical team is always happy to help you get your home’s electrical system working for you, not against you.


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Professional Electrical Inspection Process

How our expert team can do a professional electrical inspection to assess and ensure the safety and efficiency of your system:

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If you’re experiencing issues like flickering lights or buzzing sounds, our detailed electrical inspection assesses your system’s safety and functionality, identifying potential hazards and ensuring optimal performance.

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Our trained professionals rigorously test all aspects of your electrical system, from insulation to outlet efficiency, ensuring everything operates correctly and delivers the power it’s supposed to.

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Post-inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive report on your electrical system’s condition and a historical record for future reference to monitor your system’s long-term health and safety.


Comprehensive Checks for Electrical Systems

Do your lights ever flicker? Do the lights dim when you turn the vacuum on? Do you ever hear buzzing or see sparking from your plugs or switches? Is your electrical system over ten years old? Have you ever wondered how safe the DIY electrical work by the previous owner is?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time for a comprehensive electrical inspection. Our courteous, trained professionals will test all aspects of your home, business or cottage electrical system. From testing the insulation for defects to ensuring that all your outlets and appliances deliver their rated power and verifying that all protective equipment operates correctly, our technicians have you covered.

We can tell if your wiring requires replacement or give your system an operational, clean bill of health. We will provide you with a report and retain a record for the future to see the health of your system over time.

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We are passionate about providing the utmost customer satisfaction in every job. Our staff are not only highly trained and experienced but also respectful of your time and your space. We always show up to appointments when we say we will and ensure the job is done quickly without sacrificing quality or cleanliness.

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