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The occasional plumbing issue is expected, but if you consistently deal with leaks, clogs, and burst pipes, it might be time to upgrade your plumbing. That’s where Cardinal Home Services comes in. As the most trusted name in plumbing, our team provides exceptional whole-home repiping services in Peterborough.

Whether you need to replace your low-quality Poly-B piping or you are building a new home or cottage, we’ve got you covered. Each of our plumbers has undergone extensive training and is fully qualified to repipe your home. Not to mention, we use the highest quality piping materials around.


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Signs You Need To Repipe Your Home

Once your home’s piping breaks down enough, it will start to cause many problems. The key to preventing major damage caused by outdated or damaged piping is having it replaced before it is too late. We recommend becoming familiar with the signs that your home’s piping needs to be upgraded.

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Frequent leak repairs indicate deteriorating pipes in need of attention.

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Regular clogging of toilets, sinks, or showers suggests deeper plumbing issues.

Smelly Water


Brown, red, or yellow water indicates pipe corrosion or contamination

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Pipes showing signs of corrosion need prompt replacement to prevent leaks and water quality issues.

Clean Water


Persistent low pressure could be due to blockages or leaks in your plumbing system.

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Rattling or banging sounds from pipes often signal loose fittings or pressure issues.

Young Woman Drinking Water


A funky taste in your water can indicate contamination or pipe degradation.


How to Tell If You Have Poly-B Piping

Most Poly-B piping is grey, although it can sometimes be black, white, or blue. Check under your sinks, by your water meter or around your hot water tank to see if you have any grey piping. If your basement is unfinished or you have exposed piping, you can also check there. Poly-B often has plastic fittings and is usually identifiable by the markings printed on the walls of the piping (“PB2110” or “CSA-B 137.8.”).

If you aren’t sure what type of piping you have in your home, we recommend reaching out to us. Our team will inspect your system and help you plan for replacement.

Is Poly-B the Same as PEX?

No. PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping is made of much better materials than Poly-B piping, which means it is far more durable. PEX is manufactured differently and is much better suited for your home’s plumbing because it can withstand heat, pressure, and trace chemicals.

We understand that repiping your home might seem like an overwhelming task, but Cardinal Plumbing & Electric makes it easy. Our team is known for providing swift and dependable service every time. Using PEX piping, our plumbers will repipe your home and provide a much more efficient and effective plumbing system.

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Prevent major disasters with regular maintenance.

Your plumbing and electric system are part of the lifeblood that makes your house more than just a shell. Like all of us though, age and use can start to take its toll on the health and function of your piping and wiring. In many cases a small tune-up coupled with an annual checkup can prevent major disasters in the form of flooding or fires. We have seen too many cases where a devastating situation may have been prevented with a properly maintained system in place.

This is why we have created our Cardinal Care Club which provides our clients with a free annual maintenance inspection as well as a discount on services to help keep repairs and maintenance affordable and easy. Let Cardinal Plumbing & Electric maintain your home so you can enjoy your time in it with peace of mind knowing you’re safe.