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Pressure Tank Specialists Serving Homes Throughout Toronto and the 1000 Islands

A well-designed and fully functioning pressure tank is essential for maintaining consistent water pressure and ensuring an efficient well system. Over time, pressure tanks can deteriorate, lose effectiveness, or develop issues impacting water pressure and overall system performance. When it’s time to replace your pressure tank, you need a reliable team of professionals to handle the job.

At Cardinal Home Services, we specialize in pressure tank replacement, offering expert knowledge and dependable solutions to restore optimal water pressure and enhance your well system’s efficiency. Let us take care of your pressure tank replacement needs and guarantee a steady water supply for your home.


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Our Pressure Tank Replacement Process

At Cardinal Home Services, we follow a systematic approach to guarantee a successful pressure tank replacement:


Our experienced technicians will assess your existing pressure tank and evaluate its condition. We’ll identify any issues or malfunctions and determine if a replacement is necessary.


Based on your water usage, well system specifications, and budget, we’ll recommend the most appropriate pressure tank replacement options for your specific needs. We’ll ensure the new tank is properly sized to provide optimal water pressure and performance.


Our skilled team will manage the installation process, carefully removing the old pressure tank and installing the new one. We adhere to industry best practices and safety standards to ensure a seamless and efficient installation.


After installing the new pressure tank, we will adjust the pressure settings and conduct thorough testing to confirm everything functions correctly and efficiently. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will consider the job complete once you’re happy with the results.


Signs You May Need Pressure Tank Replacement

Recognizing the signs of a failing pressure tank is crucial for timely intervention. Key indicators include fluctuating water pressure, which manifests as alternating high and low pressure during use, indicating the tank’s inability to maintain steady pressure. Frequent pump cycling is another sign where the well pump turns on and off more than usual, leading to pump wear and decreased energy efficiency. Water hammering, characterized by loud banging noises when using faucets, suggests the tank’s failure to absorb water pressure changes, risking damage to pipes and fixtures.

Additionally, the age of the tank is a critical factor; most pressure tanks have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and aging tanks should be replaced to avoid unexpected failures. Finally, water quality issues such as cloudy water or changes in taste and odour can occur if a failing tank allows air or contaminants into the water supply. Replacing the pressure tank can resolve these issues, ensuring clean water and proper system functionality.

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We are passionate about providing the utmost customer satisfaction in every job. Our staff are not only highly trained and experienced but also respectful of your time and your space. We always show up to appointments when we say we will and ensure the job is done quickly without sacrificing quality or cleanliness.

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