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With the New Year’s upon us, many people think about the year ahead and what needs to be done to make improvements… in health, in a career, and even in the home.

If you are thinking about how you will make improvements in your home this year, consider these tips to help you as you plan your home’s plumbing projects.

That’s right… you can make New Year’s resolutions for your home’s plumbing! Here’s how…

Chances are, you are already thinking about resolutions about your physical health and your financial health. Maybe you plan to eat healthier, exercise more, or ask your boss for that raise.

Well, consider that your plumbing is part of your home, and your home is a factor in your physical health and your financial health. Therefore, making a resolution about your plumbing can actually have an improved impact on both your physical and financial wellbeing.

One area that your plumbing can improve your health is in the purity and cleanliness of your water. Is your water filled with impurities, chemicals, and unknown substances? You can eat right and exercise but if you are hydrating with less-than-healthy water, you’ll be hindered in your progress of improving your health because your body will still be absorbing unhealthy impurities from water. So, if you are making a resolution about health, make sure you make a related plumbing resolution to consider getting a water filtration system built into your plumbing.

Another area that your plumbing can impact your health is in the danger of sewer back-ups. While you enjoy the comfort of your home most of the time, one danger you should always be worried about is water and/or sewage backing up into your home. When that happens you run the risk of mold and dangerous bacteria remaining in your home. (That’s not only unhealthy, it’s also extremely costly.)

And, a financial impact of your plumbing may include your water heater: does it run efficiently, and is it heating enough water for you? Perhaps a tankless system could save you money by only heating the water you need; at the very least, you should have your water heater inspected and maintained regularly in order to avoid a burst water heater—which can create a costly mess.

Lastly, consider this one other financial benefit of a plumbing resolution this year: have you ever considered upgrading your existing plumbing fixtures (maybe getting a double sink in your kitchen, or a water-saver toilet)? Or maybe you are thinking about renovating your home, which is a perfect time to look at your existing plumbing and consider how you might benefit from upgrading it. (For example, if you have teenagers in the home, they might prefer having their own bathroom now.)

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