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You have a long winter ahead, and with long and cold winters comes the potential of a power outage. In today’s world, you rely heavily on your technological devices, not to mention the appliances in your homes for cooking, cleaning, and doing daily household tasks. Do you remember how you were even able to function in your home during the last power outage? Or did you have to throw away all of your food in your refrigerator because it went bad? We’re here today to tell you that all of these issues during the next power outage can be avoided by having a generator installed by Cardinal Plumbing & Electric.

There are endless benefits to installing a generator for your home and you’ll find out by reading this blog!

You Can Still Use Appliances

During a power outage, it’s common for many homeowners to feel helpless because they aren’t able to cook or use any lights in their house. However, when you have a whole-house generator, you’ll be able to use all of your appliances because you will still have electricity! There won’t be any need to worry about how you’ll make meals for your family and if your food will go bad, because your refrigerator, stove, oven, and all other electronic appliances will still be working.

One of the biggest worries people have during a power outage is the food going bad in their fridge and thinking they have to live off of snacks and canned goods, but whole house generators will take these worries away.

You Can Flush the Toilet!

If you’re on a well or septic, losing power also means losing access to your plumbing system. If there’s a power outage that only lasts a few minutes or a few hours, not being able to use your plumbing fixtures is inconvenient, but it’s not as severe as it would be if there was a power outage for over 24 hours. With generators, you will still be able to shower, flush the toilet, and use all of the faucets in your home. So, during the next blackout, you don’t have to worry about bucket flushing your toilet in the dark or sewage backing up in your drains, because your lights will still be on and the toilet will be able to be flushed normally.

Your Family’s Safety

During a blackout, you probably automatically think “no lights,” meaning you will not be able to see anything in your home unless you’re lighting some candles and walking around with a flashlight. Walking around in the dark also means that you have an increased chance of slipping and falling. Many people might think if they slip and fall in their home they can just get right back up, but if you or someone you live with is elderly or uses an electronic device to make their way around the house, you could be left without protection in the case of a fall. Generators will prevent these incidents from happening and will also give elderly homeowners or those who rely on electronic devices for their medical conditions peace of mind.

Your Home Comfort

When there’s no electricity, your HVAC system will also be unusable. This might not seem terrible during the summer as you can open the windows for a fresh breeze, but the wintertime is a different story. Winters can be unbearably cold and if you aren’t able to use your heater, you and your family will be suffering and uncomfortable until the power gets turned back on. You can never rely on an exact time your power will be back on during a blackout, so a whole house generator will relieve you of the worries of freezing the night away.

Peterborough Generator Installation

Cardinal Plumbing & Electric understands the serious inconvenience of being without power during an unexpected outage, which is why we’re here to help! For quality generator services, give us a call at 705-745-1221 or fill out our online contact form to speak with one of our team members today.


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