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In this blog, Cardinal Plumbing & Electric will discuss some of the most common foods that cause problems for drains and offer tips on how to avoid them. If you follow these simple tips below, you’ll be able to have fun at your summer barbecues without worrying about the possibility of a clogged kitchen drain during your cleanup!

Stringy Vegetables

Stringy vegetables, such as celery, onions, and artichokes, are a common cause of clogged drains. They can easily get tangled in the blades of your garbage disposal and cause it to jam. If you must put them down the drain, be sure to chop them up into small pieces first. However, you’re better off storing leftovers in the fridge or completely tossing them out in the trash can.

Starchy Vegetables

It wouldn’t be a summer barbecue without corn on the cob, but starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes can also be problematic. When they break down, they release a sticky substance that can cling to the sides of your pipes and create a blockage. It might be obvious that you should never try and throw corn on the cob down the drain, but make sure you keep potato peels away from your kitchen drain as well. Again, it’s best to avoid putting these types of vegetables down the drain altogether.

Meat Bones

Meat bones are another big no-no when it comes to drains. They can easily get stuck in the pipes and cause a major clog. No matter how much you love chicken wings and ribs, make sure those leftover bones get thrown in the garbage!

Grease and Oil

Grease and oil are also major culprits when it comes to clogged drains. When they cool, they solidify and can cling to the sides of your pipes, causing a blockage. To avoid this problem, never pour grease or oil down the drain. Instead, let it cool and then dispose of it in the trash.

Pasta Salads and Rice

Pasta salads and rice are another common cause of clogged drains. The pasta and rice can expand when it absorbs water and block the flow of water through your pipes. Although your homemade pasta salad or rice dish might be a summer barbecue staple, store those leftovers in the fridge.

Fruit Pits and Seeds

Finally, fruit pits and seeds can also cause problems for your drains. They can easily get lodged in the pipes and block the flow of water. Additionally, if you love to have watermelon in the summer, throw the rinds away once you are finished eating. If you have leftover fruit from your barbecue, be sure to dispose of the pits and seeds in the trash, not the sink.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid a plumbing disaster at your next summer barbecue. However, if you accidentally let some barbecue foods slip down your kitchen drain this season, all you have to do is give our team a call at 705-745-1221 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a drain cleaning appointment.

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